Free English Lessons from the ESL Resource Center

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1)  Please tell me xxx.
where is the bus stop    where the bus stop be    where stops the bus    where the bus stop is
2)  I told him xxx.
what the homework was    what was the homework    what was to be the homework    what is the homework 
3)   I think xxx.
will be the plane on time    the plane will be on time    the plane to be on time    it will be on time the plane 
4)  I didn't know xxx.
what he mean    what did he mean    what did he meant    what he meant
5)  He said xxx.
the weather colder than usual    the weather be colder than usual    the weather was colder than usual    the weather it is colder than usual
6)  I think xxx.
today it is Wednesday    that is today Wednesday    today is Wednesday    today bw Wednesday 
7)  He said xxx.
that yesterday he gone downtown    he goes downtown yesterday    he go downtown yesterday    he went downtown yesterday
8)  I believe xxx.
him he is right    he is right    he be right    that he right
9)  She said xxx.
that she was hungry    she hungry    she be hungry    her was hungry
10)   He told us xxx.
that he enjoy the movie    he enjoyed the movie    he be enjoying the movie    that enjoyed the movie