Free English Lessons from the ESL Resource Center

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1)  I asked her xxx.       
what is the answer     what the answer    what was the answer     what the answer was
2)  Can you tell me xxx?
what that is    what that be    what it is that     what is that 
3)   Do you remember xxx?
when is her birthday     when her birthday is    when her birthday     when be her her birthday 
4)  I told them xxx.
not going there     to do not go there    they not go there    not to go there
5)  He asked me xxx.
what is my name     what was my name    what my name was     what my name be
6)  I warned him xxx.
to be not late     don't be late    not to be late    he is not late 
7)  I asked her xxx.
was she sure     she was sure or not    if she sure     if she was sure
8)  He said xxx.
he will study for the exam     he would study for the exam    he had study for the exam     he study for the exam
9)  Joan asked xxx.
if there was coffee     there was coffee    was there coffee     where was the coffee
10)   Do you know xxx?
where did he gone     where he went    where he gone     where did he go